Many Restaurants and Businesses can only keep the doors open by offering delivery. However, they have two choices: Pay for an Expensive Delivery website or Use a Delivery App that takes a big cut and constricts them to using the App's delivery drivers.

UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates all take a 20-50% cut from the business. This especially hurts during Covid-19 as the business is no longer having dine-in customers. If they do not offer online ordering, their Takeout business takes a big hit too.

These delivery apps are busier than ever during Covid-19 and restaurants, for example, have sent home their Hostesses, Waiters and Waitresses, Food Expos and more. These are trained employees who are certified food handlers and are more than capable of delivering food. However, UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates etc. force the Restaurant to use their drivers.

Studies show 1 in 4 Delivery App drivers sample the food they deliver. This would not happen with Delivran as the Restaurant employees have access to free meals and have already sampled the entire menu, multiple times. In reality, they're probably the last to sample your food and the safest people to handle it.

Delivran enables a business or Restaurant to offer their Menu Online and a person can order Delivery or Takeout. The business is charged $1 per order rather than 20-50% and we payout Instantly via Stripe Checkout/PayPal/Square whereas delivery apps payout Weekly or Bi-Weekly - which is tough during these times.

We allow white-labels and unbranded profiles, so the Restaurant can bootstrap our solution to their existing website for free, or host the menu on a Domain they choose. Eliminating the issue of beings grouped on an App with other Restaurants Under-Cutting Eachother with Specials.

If these businesses do not have employees who can deliver, we offer a Jobs Marketplace where people can post a driver resume to be hired Full-Time/Part-Time/Temporary or Per Delivery. Our App enables the business to send out a flat-fee offer to all nearby drivers and the first Driver to accept gets the order. This will help employ drivers, order managers and people that can upload the menu - which we offer as well.

How I built it

  • Logo
  • Brand Book
  • Envato Elements
  • Github
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • Instapage
  • Typeform -RapidApi
  • Zapier
  • Webhooks
  • Facebook Apps
  • Facebook Ads
  • Digital Ocean
  • Cloudways
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Twilio
  • Sendgrid
  • Envato Elements
  • iMovie

Challenges I ran into

  • Expensive Plugins
  • Custom Coding for functions
  • CSS/HTML and Java
  • Facebook flagging domain after switching servers
  • Code Conflicts up the Whizz-ang
  • Payment Processing

Every Business can instantly Offer Online Ordering for Delivery or Pickup

  • A business can feature their Items or Menu on our Mobile App/Website and offer Delivery or Pickup to customers
  • The business has full order tracking and can mark each order: In Progress, Ready/Out For Delivery and Completed
  • The Drivers for the business have a mobile app to manage deliveries and update the status
  • The Customer is updated via SMS when the Order is Being Prepared and when it is Ready/Out for Delivery
  • We enable the business to get instant payments via Stripe Connect, PayPal, Square

Job Market Place

  • Businesses can post jobs related to Delivery or Carry-Ou
  • Job Seekers can post a profile with experience, resume and geographic coverage
  • Job Seekers can pick categories, full-time/part-time/Temp or On-Demand

Facebook and Google Ads

  • We offer Custom Facebook ads and google ads that are deployed the same day that will target people who order delivery or use Delivery Apps. This enables them to control how many new orders they get along with great localized marketing and brand awareness
  • A restaurant can target by Keywords, Youtube or Local Ads for Delivery and Pickup


  • We offer Businesses Custom Delivery Websites
  • We allow White-Labeling and Custom Domains for their Business Profile on our Website
  • Custom Logos, CSS and Branding Styles

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it from Concept to Live in 5 days

What I learned

Where to start. A lot.

What's next for Delivran

To make businesses and customers aware this platform exists

To Employ people trained to Handle Food

To keep those Mom and Pop shops in Business

this won't disrupt the Delivery Apps too much...or will it?

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posted an update

Since running ads and getting on the phone with a bunch of business owners, I have to say - I am SOOOO much more passionate about this. The ones I connect with have the best Niche shops and eats. They are the ones that locals will ACTUALLY MISS. The owners have pride or insurance issues -- which I understand, but both of those are shifting.

EVERY Owner I speak with WANTS to employ their staff to deliver, they have one roadblock - Insurance! Good thing is -States and insurance companies are wising up and realizing what life is life without them paying.

The movement WILL HAPPEN...

  • UberEats, PostMates, DoorDash ... are doing nothing to provide for their contractors -- not even sanitary supplies

  • When I posted this to DevPost - Stripe Shut Me Down...( I said hold my payments for 6 months or I will drop the $1) - They still shut it down, I just wanted the feature to help businesses connect to their bank for instant payment. Oh well - Stripe's competitor came to my aid. I called a friend who works at Stripe and confirmed it's a "conflict issue"

Whether or not I win, or get chosen, I will continue to give Restaurants and their Staff a voice. Because people should get food delivered by people who are regulated and certified for sanitizing and safety.

Support the Restaurant that has the Voicemail saying "We're closed until....well....we don't know"

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posted an update

Health, Testing and Sanitizing Features and Updates:

  • Many businesses shut down offices, they can gift their unused Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning supplies and more for Businesses Delivering
  • People can support their Favorite Restaurants and Businesses by buying Gift Cards or buy Tickets for their Re-Opening events that thank donors
  • Adding Donation and Gift Card Features will help locals Crowd Fund their favorites

Other Delivery Apps have made Press Releases stating they intend to distribute sanitizing supplies to their drivers, considering a Restaurant Driver touches two doors (their car and the Restaurant) and App Drivers touch multiple doors with 0 supervision, it is possible these Drivers could be spreading Covid-19 as they have the most access to the outside world. They found live instances of Covid-19 on the Princess Cruise 17 Days later. Leaving a package outside might not be preventing much. As for the Delivery Apps not providing sanitizer etc. The reality is, these cleaning and sanitizing supplies are available, I have found bulk distributors and would like to make these available at cost on our platform. If Delivery is surging, we should minimize the possibilities of Delivery workers spreading it, and a local business supervising workers can do this. Another great reason for Restaurants to re-purpose their staff as Delivery people on Delivran.

Also, I work for a company my friend started called Bloom ( It tests vitamin levels, deficiencies, cortisol, magnesium etc. to offer insights on health and wellness. We have a Covid-19 home test awaiting FDA clearance. When this happens, we can provide these tests at cost and Delivran can offer this to Business Owners for themselves and staff.

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posted an update

On the hiring-side, for Restaurants and Business, I found several companies that provide low price Background Checks and DMV checks with APIs, to make the hiring process easier for the business, we could implement this feature within the website.

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posted an update

A key part of this is helping the restaurant get its menu online. Although we enable them to submit a CSV, that involves some basic knowledge of excel, data structure, image links etc. However, the reality is, they do not have this and we shouldn't expect them to. If they have a website, we can scrape it and do this for them. At scale, this will prove to be a task that needs a whole workforce - which is good.

Restaurant owners aren't looking to spend time on uploading and adding their Menu items, that's why other Apps charge $200+ in onboarding fees. However, I am working to solve this obstacle and push Restaurants towards embracing elements of tech in-house.

Since many have sent staff home (tech-savvy young people) it would be nice to approach this entire experience from an educational standpoint that helps a Restaurant appoint a staff member to assist with the basic tech elements. These being; Connecting a POS, setting up a Facebook page, hosting their white-label Delivran menu on a subdomain etc. They probably have a worker waiting for this task.

This is a prime time to introduce Restaurants and their Staff to the benefits of independently hosting their menu, offering delivery and running their own ads online. Showing them it's not as scary or complicated as they think. As part of this experience, I am building a guided walk-thru using Userlane or Apty and making videos for staff on how to implement all of this in less than a day.

If they do not have someone who handles can this, this creates additional job opportunities for tech-savvy people to do a one-on-one meeting with the store owner to bring their menu online and set-up their account. This can be implemented in-platform via a video and screen sharing feature powered by or Zoom. It will be a part of the on-boarding (like this:

Having p2p that's video hosted within the platform can serve many purposes. It also helps people transition into the times and begin to get more comfortable with video meetings.


Still looking for someone to help build out the Facebook Marketing API as it would be awesome for a Restaurant to click and deploy targeted ads reaching delivery customers.

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