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A key part of this is helping the restaurant get its menu online. Although we enable them to submit a CSV, that involves some basic knowledge of excel, data structure, image links etc. However, the reality is, they do not have this and we shouldn't expect them to. If they have a website, we can scrape it and do this for them. At scale, this will prove to be a task that needs a whole workforce - which is good.

Restaurant owners aren't looking to spend time on uploading and adding their Menu items, that's why other Apps charge $200+ in onboarding fees. However, I am working to solve this obstacle and push Restaurants towards embracing elements of tech in-house.

Since many have sent staff home (tech-savvy young people) it would be nice to approach this entire experience from an educational standpoint that helps a Restaurant appoint a staff member to assist with the basic tech elements. These being; Connecting a POS, setting up a Facebook page, hosting their white-label Delivran menu on a subdomain etc. They probably have a worker waiting for this task.

This is a prime time to introduce Restaurants and their Staff to the benefits of independently hosting their menu, offering delivery and running their own ads online. Showing them it's not as scary or complicated as they think. As part of this experience, I am building a guided walk-thru using Userlane or Apty and making videos for staff on how to implement all of this in less than a day.

If they do not have someone who handles can this, this creates additional job opportunities for tech-savvy people to do a one-on-one meeting with the store owner to bring their menu online and set-up their account. This can be implemented in-platform via a video and screen sharing feature powered by or Zoom. It will be a part of the on-boarding (like this:

Having p2p that's video hosted within the platform can serve many purposes. It also helps people transition into the times and begin to get more comfortable with video meetings.


Still looking for someone to help build out the Facebook Marketing API as it would be awesome for a Restaurant to click and deploy targeted ads reaching delivery customers.

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