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Since running ads and getting on the phone with a bunch of business owners, I have to say - I am SOOOO much more passionate about this. The ones I connect with have the best Niche shops and eats. They are the ones that locals will ACTUALLY MISS. The owners have pride or insurance issues -- which I understand, but both of those are shifting.

EVERY Owner I speak with WANTS to employ their staff to deliver, they have one roadblock - Insurance! Good thing is -States and insurance companies are wising up and realizing what life is life without them paying.

The movement WILL HAPPEN...

  • UberEats, PostMates, DoorDash ... are doing nothing to provide for their contractors -- not even sanitary supplies

  • When I posted this to DevPost - Stripe Shut Me Down...( I said hold my payments for 6 months or I will drop the $1) - They still shut it down, I just wanted the feature to help businesses connect to their bank for instant payment. Oh well - Stripe's competitor came to my aid. I called a friend who works at Stripe and confirmed it's a "conflict issue"

Whether or not I win, or get chosen, I will continue to give Restaurants and their Staff a voice. Because people should get food delivered by people who are regulated and certified for sanitizing and safety.

Support the Restaurant that has the Voicemail saying "We're closed until....well....we don't know"

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