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Health, Testing and Sanitizing Features and Updates:

  • Many businesses shut down offices, they can gift their unused Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning supplies and more for Businesses Delivering
  • People can support their Favorite Restaurants and Businesses by buying Gift Cards or buy Tickets for their Re-Opening events that thank donors
  • Adding Donation and Gift Card Features will help locals Crowd Fund their favorites

Other Delivery Apps have made Press Releases stating they intend to distribute sanitizing supplies to their drivers, considering a Restaurant Driver touches two doors (their car and the Restaurant) and App Drivers touch multiple doors with 0 supervision, it is possible these Drivers could be spreading Covid-19 as they have the most access to the outside world. They found live instances of Covid-19 on the Princess Cruise 17 Days later. Leaving a package outside might not be preventing much. As for the Delivery Apps not providing sanitizer etc. The reality is, these cleaning and sanitizing supplies are available, I have found bulk distributors and would like to make these available at cost on our platform. If Delivery is surging, we should minimize the possibilities of Delivery workers spreading it, and a local business supervising workers can do this. Another great reason for Restaurants to re-purpose their staff as Delivery people on Delivran.

Also, I work for a company my friend started called Bloom ( It tests vitamin levels, deficiencies, cortisol, magnesium etc. to offer insights on health and wellness. We have a Covid-19 home test awaiting FDA clearance. When this happens, we can provide these tests at cost and Delivran can offer this to Business Owners for themselves and staff.

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