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We have been inspired by the stories about fellow engineers and technicians who carry out rail maintenance work across the world while being under constant danger of incoming trains

What it does

  • Monitor worker position in working area.
  • Ensures that worker is in the right place.
  • Alarms the worker when train is inbound.
  • Provides statistics to the company about safety behaviours of the worker.

How we built it

  • By working synergistically across the multidisciplinary team of 4
  • By using high reliability cloud based solution
  • By prototyping with raspberry pi and sensors

Challenges we ran into

  • diminishing performance when working non stop through night and days
  • short time to understand technological intricacies of rail industry
  • scarcity of electronic components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working prototype in limited time
  • Great team work

What we learned

  • GSM-R system
  • Train interlocking
  • Block-sections on railroad tack ant types.

What's next for WEARS

  • Further tests, minification followed by mass production.

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