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Larry Schirmer posted an update

Lots to update on the backend of the project

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  1. Everything has been moved to our new domain <-- It's TableTalk backwards
  2. We serve https pages signed by Let's Encrypt. This is because of the browser GPS.
  3. At the hackathon we used a temporary subdomain out of my personal server, now my server sends all that traffic to TableTalk's new landing. So much nicer.
  4. Speaking of redirects, all of the regular http traffic gets redirected to the https port. It all just kind of flows and makes the whole thing seem more professional.
  5. The entire API is built and documented. I can't publicly share the details but let's just say the team has everything they need to take the front-end to the next level. ##### Next Up For Me:
  6. I guess item (4) should be appended by saying I have a few more ideas to make handling the server data a little better. We built into the object model in a way to measure the popularity of each message thread. So, item (1) here is to see to a high level popularity updater for each thread.
  7. In addition, when TableTalk is popular, we won’t be able to deliver all of the message threads to the user to parse. The server will take the users GPS coordinates and return the message threads within a geo fenced area. Much lighter.
  8. I have some ideas for some vector art to throw at this. Guarantee it won’t look great, but I like to try to draw.

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Jongseung Lim posted an update

TODO: (1) moving the server side part to a real domain name (2) signing it with a 'let's encrypt' ssl cert (3) redirecting anything to the new domain (4) adding a POST API call for adding a new message thread. That way we won't have security issues any more. (5) adding visual indicator for new replies or new message threads (6) running scheduled job on db to calculate popularity of each thread

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