Inspiration: I don’t know how your wallet looks, but if you look in mine, you’ll find cards from nail salons, coffee shops, the cleaners, smoothie places, whatever. And I’ve learned two things, the process requires too much effort…remembering to bring it, sifting through a stack of cards...or that I’m a super lazy and forgetful person - either way, it requires too much effort.

How it works: So here’s Stampet - A mobile app that stores all of your loyalty stamp cards. Even better, you don’t have to do much remembering. With the integration of Sense360, it will automatically prompt users upon arrival to opt in for a card and remind them when to pull out their phones to get stamped at the register - while keeping your information super safe. It’s effortless, users don’t have to think, and they get rewards for doing practically nothing.

Challenges I ran into: Bugs along the way

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Successfully making what we envisioned, doing cool things.

What I learned: Hackathons are really fun!

What's next for Stampet: Stampet has endless opportunities for growth with an ever growing list of participating companies from food to retail. It has potential for profiling and behavioral targeting ads, future recommendations, and even tie in a social or gamification aspect. We hope you enjoyed our idea - thanks for watching!

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Elaine Pham posted an update

The Stampet team has developed the app into a functional mode and has submitted it into the App Store for approval - Exciting news to come! We've also created a Facebook page, connect with us at:

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