During Covid-19, washing hands and keeping clean is an essential to our everyday lives. After a hard day at work, people need to find places to clean up. Seeing this, we were inspired to create our project, Easy Clean. We hope to give back to the people still risking their lives for our society.

What it does

Cleaning outside used to be tedious. One would have to open up multiple apps in order to search for locations, sort through them, and find resources on how to stay clean. Well, not anymore. Our website provides a platform for users to easily access cleaning locations, and find resources in the same place. Our locations are all labeled by title and function, so knowing if the location fits your needs is just one click away. Compatible with both computers and mobile devices, our website provides users a way to stay clean during the pandemic.

How We built it

We built our website with the idea of creating a clean and user friendly interface that could be used as a resource for people looking to wash up. We aim to ensure that every person in San Jose has access to sanitation. By transferring code and graphics through discord, we were able to stay connected and overcome our biggest challenges.

Challenges We ran into

Our biggest challenge was working with OpenStreetMap. We ended up using a free Leaflet js library that simplified things a lot. We also had problems formatting the map on the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website map and the interactive part of the resources page.

What we learned

During this hackathon, many of us learned to use html for the very first time. We experimented with map API’s and worked collaboratively to integrate the code into our website. It was through this process of teamwork and exploration that we saw how essential communication was to a successful project.

What's next for Sanitation finder in San Jose for Coronavirus

Expansion to different cities.

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