Videogames, fitness and team spirit

What it does

Teams can occupy pieces of land in a grid and play against each other. The more the teams are moving over the entire planet, the more coverage the team gains and the more successful they are.

How I built it

With the leaflet library, we were able to colour the fields in the team colour who visited the team at last. On top of that, we have created a website.

Challenges I ran into

Time challenge, compatibility challenges, technical and logical challenges about eath coordinates and calculations

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are close to our target even though for most of us it was our first hackathon After long discussions, the concept is great, interesting and fun

What I learned

JavaScript, draw schemas, discussing, debugging

What's next for RunTheWorld

Implement the overlapping of different teams Build up a scoreboard with the team's coverage

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