As technology rapidly advances, it's time bikers joined the party. Contextual, just-in-time information can now be presented in ways that allow for the augmentation of our daily lives. While navigation was reliant on maps and intuition in the past, a rider can now wander in an arbitrary direction without fear of being stranded thanks to breakthroughs in small, wearable computing devices. Users are more connected than ever, but we're still not quite there. We believe that a solution is here. There could be a way to seamlessly bring bikers of all experience levels together.

We have made an ecosystem for motorcyclists, both young and old, designed to bring them together in ways previously unimagined. We have connected wearable devices, such as the Pebble Watch to integrate notifications for riders that may be in a position to get rained on. A few minutes of warning could mean the difference between a safe and unsafe trip. There are features to bring riders together and compete for the most distance traveled over a period of time.

There were issues with VR reliability across multiple machines, but we were still able to overcome augmenting the rider's experience with other wearables.

There was an incredible amount accomplished in a very short time; much more than at a typical hackathon between all participants, not just with the RideFlow team members.

I learned an incredible amount, not just from the successes, but from the challenges, as well. Team members learned things ranging from how to quickly spin up a Heroku app to creating a compelling, real-time VR experience.

The potential for a reliable community filled with active motorcyclists is here and we were lucky enough to play a part. Win or lose, this was the most fun and intense hackathon any of us have yet attended (and we're all decorated veterans by now).

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