It seems that after the first semester or two of college, students stop making new friends or connections. For many, the difficulty associated with meeting others is seemingly insurmountable and disheartening. That's where OddJobs comes in. Oddjobs functions both as a means of introducing people as well as making odd jobs accessible.

What it does

OddJobs combines the communication means of a message board with advantages of talking with others nearby. In the social meetups tab, users can post events, or even plans they have and find others who may be interested in taking part. On the other hand, in the "Work" tab, users can post jobs of varying difficulty and seek out the services of their peers. The jobs could range from help putting together a shelf to tutoring in courses. Users can also send and receive payments for jobs through the app as well.

How we built it

We used the Android-SDK to develop the application components. The mockups were created in Sketch. Some individual elements were rendered in other programs including InDesign, Photoshop and LightRoom. We also used git for version control and file sharing.

Challenges we ran into

OddJobs was initially created as an Android application. While two members of the team has experience as Android users, none of us had worked on Android app development before. Jib and Peter worked on the front end side of the app despite never working with the Android-SDK before. Jib had some prior experience with Java but not in this capacity so there was some initial difficulty in creating the app elements. Elicia worked on the backend of the app. While she had some previous experience creating and maintaining forums, she had little experience working with mySQL to create and maintain databases. In general, the majority of the problems experienced were the result of a lack of experience or prior knowledge. While frustrating at times, working on a project in an environment no one on the team used before created ample opportunities to learn and grow as engineers, teammates and developers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we are all proud of the fact we were able to create the parts of a working Android application practically overnight, especially considering this was a totally new experience for all of us. We are also proud of our ability to collaborate and find ways to make the most of our various and often different intentions and ideas.

What we learned

We learned the excitement of developing an Android application. Additionally, we also learned about the Andrpid-SDK, backend development, git, and how to collaborate on programs.

What's next for Meet | Work

Going forward, we would like to add geofencing to further specify the community or area in which posts are to be seen. This will allow users to see only the most relevant posts to them and increase productivity of the app.

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An important aspect to remember about any semi-meaningful relationship is being able to contact a friend, relative or significant other in time of need. These are the numbers we know by heart. These are the relationship tools we need to share with a potential new friend, best man, or loved one. Businesses provide the valuable space to be equalizers- executives and employees share the same chairs, same plates, and food. However, very establish the connection needed for their customers. We want social networking to provide the icebreaker that establishes common interests among people around us.

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