NFC tags are a simple, re-programmable chips that are used to easily transfer data to your NFC-enabled mobile device. Inspired by geo-catching, we have expanded these concepts to create a competitive, real-world, interactive game that keeps users coming back day after day through reward and competition incentives.

Target users would be high-school or college-aged individuals with a basic understanding of smartphone device capabilities. Users can both seek and create geo-tag locations, or GeLo's. both creators and seekers gain points - the creator when any seeker tags their placed GeLo, and the seeker when they tag a creator's GeLo. Max one tag per user per day.

Creators and seekers compete for top positions on our leaderboard - earning spendable points and digital rewards through local business partnerships. These could be linked videos, coupons, or redeemable codes for goods or services.

We built our own database and API on a completely Windows and Azure-based platform, which is able to be expanded to other platforms with minimal effort. Our product is using the newest technologies provided in NFC, geo-location, and Cortana AI personal assistant.

We came into this project completely blind and were able to work together as a diverse group, both in demographics, age and skillsets. Between individuals focusing on SDE, SDET, PM, and UI/UX roles; we were able to cover most of all of our bases for our RESTful and scalable app.

Come GeLo with us!

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