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The idea came from creating our products and interacting with Web2 companies, that are interested in the world of Web3 but have no expertise or understanding to move their products to new heights. We had the idea, what if we will create a product that can make the process of moving to Web3 simple and clear?

What it does

We can divide Flynn tools into the following services:

  • TRC20 Manager Allows you to create, transfer, mint, and burn tokens (an analog of hard/soft currency from the gaming industry)

  • TRC721 Manager Allows you to create, transfer, mint, and burn NFT-721 (an analog of unique in-game items, TRC721 is also suitable for the implementation of randomly generated items.)

  • TRC1155 Manager Allows you to create, transfer, mint, and burn NFT-1155 (an analog of in-game items, and also suitable for the implementation, for example, AWP Dragon Lore in NFT-form)

  • TRC20 Bridge It’s the main trick, that makes the process of moving to Web3 easier. TRC20 Bridge allows you to implement and remove tokens from the game to the blockchain and back.

  • NFT721/1155 Bridge NFT Bridge is the tool that allows you to implement and remove NFT 721 and 1155 standards from the game and back.

How we built it

We have been forming this idea for a long time and implementing it in our projects. When we discovered the hackathon, we decided to challenge ourselves and create the MVP product in a week. We shaped a team of IT and Web3 professionals to create a platform demonstrating to you that developing Web3 projects is rather simple. It will also allow you not to stuff your head with the complexities and challenges of blockchain technologies!

Challenges we ran into

One of the main difficulties was the question: How to provide a set of tools, that would meet all the possible requirements. We don’t intend to create a new almanac on thousands of lines of documentation but strive to give all basic advantages and abstractions from the world of blockchain. And then we shaped the concept of Managers and Bridges tools. The one allows controlling the main abstractions of the blockchain as simply as in the CMS, and the other allows players/users to blockchain their assets, or vice versa to bring their assets from the blockchain into the product.

The second challenge was to create a program, which could organize the conducting transactions on the blockchain backend. Operations such as input/output of valuable resources should be atomic and reliable. To do this, the concept of a fault-tolerant transaction service was implemented in a blockchain with detailed logging of information. We call it Wallet Service. At the MVP stage, we don’t release this tool trying to avoid complicating the implementation ideology.

Also, one of the main problems with working with TRC721 is getting the user’s “inventory”, because the standard does not provide the methods to get all tokens that the user has. We create the tool to solve this problem. It indexes transactions on tracker tokens so that all NFTs are displayed later. (method/v1/erc721/inventory).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a result, we created a lightweight service for asset interaction from the blockchain world as simple as working with CMS.

What we learned

Blockchain should be understood and should not frighten developers.

What's next for Flynn, Web2 to Web3 Gamefi integration tools

For increasing the transaction bandwidth we will create multi-wallet support for one account.

  • Regardless of the current network load and RPC points, Wallet Service will be released to ensure fault tolerance and high stability

  • Ability to integrate private RPC points for interaction with blockchain for more flexible infrastructure management.

  • NFT marketplace constructor

Also you can read more at by reading our presentation:

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posted an update

UPD #3 / 08.08

The biggest August update!

We are proud to launch a major update with your OWN game site creation support. Now you can use the initialized bridges to create your own game subsite on the Flynn platform. With your own game website, YOUR game users can insert and withdraw ERC20 Tokens in/from the game for the contracts that you have created.

To initialize a game subsite, go to the web2 <-> web3 bridges tab and create at least one ERC20 token and initialize ERC20 Bridge, click on the “Generate your website address”. With this link, your users will be able to register the new platform account with a help of your subsite.

Our next goal: add support for ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens for inserting and withdrawing. We will also add new game farm simulation in the near future!

Stay tuned!

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posted an update

Say hello to our 2nd UPDATE!

UPD #2 / 29.07 Today we release the v1.2 update, it’s a pre-setup for the future Client launcher.

To start with, we are proud of our amazing community for all the support they have given us. We are developing Flynn for you!

Flynn now supports the Token Bridges. This means you can create Token Bridges for your blockchain assets from your contracts. One admin’s account could be synchronized only with one Bridge of each type. (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155) Later, you could transfer between blockchain and game your NFT and currency with a help of Bridges.

You already can create a Bridge in Web2<->Web3 Bridges page. Now our team is working on developing the Client launcher for players. Stay tuned and don’t miss new hot updates!

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posted an update

Time for our 1st UPDATE!

UPD #1 / 28.07

Flynn is growing and we are adding some new features!

Flynn now supports users' private key changing. You won’t lose your contracts and now you can change your key on the site!

If you change your key:

  1. Owner transactions are limited on the contracts created before key changing. Such contracts will be given the status “view only”. ERC20, ERC 721, and ERC1155 contracts couldn’t be minted or burned.
  2. Contracts created previously are still available for viewing. In ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts, you can see the general NFT list and the information for each NFT (such as owner, name, and description). You can also transfer your NFT right from our CMS if you have an NFT from a contract in your account. For ERC20 you can check token emission, your balance, and other information, but the transfer operation is only available if you have contract tokens in your wallet (same as 721/1155).

Our web3 integrating system will evolve over time. Stay tuned as we will share new updates as soon as possible.

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