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UPD #3 / 08.08

The biggest August update!

We are proud to launch a major update with your OWN game site creation support. Now you can use the initialized bridges to create your own game subsite on the Flynn platform. With your own game website, YOUR game users can insert and withdraw ERC20 Tokens in/from the game for the contracts that you have created.

To initialize a game subsite, go to the web2 <-> web3 bridges tab and create at least one ERC20 token and initialize ERC20 Bridge, click on the “Generate your website address”. With this link, your users will be able to register the new platform account with a help of your subsite.

Our next goal: add support for ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens for inserting and withdrawing. We will also add new game farm simulation in the near future!

Stay tuned!

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