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Time for our 1st UPDATE!

UPD #1 / 28.07

Flynn is growing and we are adding some new features!

Flynn now supports users' private key changing. You won’t lose your contracts and now you can change your key on the site!

If you change your key:

  1. Owner transactions are limited on the contracts created before key changing. Such contracts will be given the status “view only”. ERC20, ERC 721, and ERC1155 contracts couldn’t be minted or burned.
  2. Contracts created previously are still available for viewing. In ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts, you can see the general NFT list and the information for each NFT (such as owner, name, and description). You can also transfer your NFT right from our CMS if you have an NFT from a contract in your account. For ERC20 you can check token emission, your balance, and other information, but the transfer operation is only available if you have contract tokens in your wallet (same as 721/1155).

Our web3 integrating system will evolve over time. Stay tuned as we will share new updates as soon as possible.

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