On average, everyone will file an insurance claim once every 18 years. During the span of a long driving life, you would file 3 to 4 claims. This is not an "if" issue for most people but a "when" issue.

The team realized that none of us knew how to file an insurance claim or what to do if we got in an accident, other than try to call relatives. We realized that this is a problem since accidents will be unpredictable and you might run into problems and not realize until it is too late.

What it does

This app helps victims that have crashed their vehicles by helping them contact emergency services, gather data about the accident and file a claim to their insurance company on the spot.

How we built it

We used the following human-centric design approaches to create a prototype aimed at an audience that is not familiar with procedures and steps to take following a vehicle crash.

Ideation and storyboarding: Research and understand what a person needs to deal with in an accident scenario. Paper Prototype: Create a rough prototype on paper to decide what features to include. Basic flow of features and UI. Rough Vertical Slice: Create a rough functional prototype to test functionality and flow of wireframes. Iteration: By testing the prototype and trying out a number of different variations in cycles, we worked on improving the user experience in iterations. Polish and Final Implementation: After we were satisfied with our prototype experience, we added graphics, animations and functionality to have it ready for judging.

Challenges we ran into

Organizing steps to follow based on importance in a stressful environment was hard to decide on. Working on a visual product with no collaboration feature made it hard to maintain a consistent style between teammates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finished a prototype that could have an impact and solves a real life solution. Created an app that solves a function that is missing in the current market.

What we learned

We learned a lot about what vehicle crash victims experience and have to deal with while still being in an injured and/or traumatic state.

What's next for Colli

Pitch to show insurance companies possible implementations of Colli in their existing ecosystems, strengthening customers reliance and confidence.

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