Do you ever hear about human destruction or natural disasters on the news? Is your first instinct is to figure out how bad the incident was, and how many casualties are there? Do you want to make donations to foundations that provide aid to those affected by disasters?

WWRelief is a web application that allows people to see the effects of global warming on the planet with real-time heat maps of natural disasters around the world. It does this by presenting data in a clean way for everyone to understand the effects of both man made and natural disasters while providing information on what needs to be done to prevent further incidents like this.

It is an interactive application that allows the users to utilize provided icons such as acres of trees, water, windmills, solar panels etc. to visualize how much these small changes might affect the total amount of carbon emissions being released. It then provides a feature to the user that takes the their location to provide them with areas in which they can go to, to get involved with as well as links in which they can donate to environmental groups.

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