What is the end-goal of our solution?

A healthy world without poverty in 2050.

Global problem, as the crisis has shown

(1) We have a financing problem and consequently a problem in cooperation. Research and politics are driven by profit interests and have lost sight of people and therapists. See for this project: https://devpost.com/software/integrate-corona-knowledge

(2) We have a collapse of companies because they did not have the economic stability to survive the crisis. This will lead to an increase in poverty if we do not find a global solution there.

(3) Concern about risk patients is currently blocking an end to the crisis. These have arisen because our health care system has become rigidly focused on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases instead of bringing people into contact with their self-healing powers and into self-responsibility.

Our solution starts at the root cause

We are people who have a deep need for health. We build up a basic income by investing in our own health.

The basic income flows if we support and strengthen our body and provide for its wellness and help others to do the same. It comes from the provision of the products we use.

Our sense of health is based on the 3 basic pillars: stability, flexibility and joy, which rest on a foundation of self-confidence. We strengthen these pillars.

We support this technically so that the choice is easy for us and daily support is easy.

In this way we create a healthy community that is well equipped for the future because it strengthens the basic pillars of health.

Look here: https://vimeo.com/411945774

The preconditions are fulfilled

Solution is novel:

(1) It contains a novel concept for the maintenance and stabilization of health based on healing as a natural science and the 3 pillar concept of self-healing and potential development.

(2) It contains a novel concept for the creation of a basic income all over the world.

(3) It contains a new concept of supporting cooperation for our global health.

Solution is technically-sound:

For the solution to be easy, we need technical support in all areas. website, apps, etc. It is a space for a lot of creativity.

Solution is factually-based, realistic, and ultimately implementable:

You can use it now. We have a prototype-website: https://investiereingesundheit.de/

We have a path with steps and guideline: https://findewissen.de/dara/blog/aufbau-von-gesundheitlicher-sozialer-und-finanzieller-stabilitaet-mit-dem-studiennetzwerk/

We found teammates and started cooperation and app-design. Here is the mindmap in which we bring our ideas together: https://mind42.com/public/1063e0eb-8a48-4553-a736-7661ddf29b2e

What we do in this Hackathon

Establishment of the first self-help group - see project

FAQ - Frequently ask questions

How does our path to health work?

It is a journey to the inner center. A journey to yourself. A journey into the trust we have lost through many expert opinions and failed attempts. It brings us into contact with our body wisdom and our self-healing powers, which are always there and have always been there. The questions that we ask of life open up spaces that we then explore in our time. With this we create a new reality based on gratitude, body support and lived humanity.

Where is the source of the money for the basic income?

The money comes from provision from companies whose products we use. --> Network-Marketing

On start we have 3 pillars to save health:

Do people make a profile including their personal medical info?

You need one of these? Since there are no diseases here, nothing is static. It could change any minute. We arrange guides to health that help people to get healthy.

What's next for Create personal income

Design and create an app thats supports us I can deliver the content. For everything else I need support. Finding members to use it.

What else is possible? We are open for creative ideas.

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