We were talking about mobile games, and how to make them more efficient. The idea popped into our heads as soon as someone mentioned Pokemon Go. BinGo, is a play on words we have Bin for trash bin and Go for the sake of the game.
  **BinGo** is an outdoors mobile game that makes you earn rewards (free calls and mobile data) by collecting trash and placing it in the nearest bin. 
  So far, for the past 48 hours, we managed to draw the whole business model for the app as well as design the app interface (UX/UI). We have yet to walk the talk and build the app. 
   We have come across some challenges; lack of time; absence of developpers among participants and the lack of assistance and coaching. However, we were able to manage stress, deliver a thourough description of our innovative  business, and submit the project in time. 
  It was a great opportunity to put our skills into test, work under extreme pressure, manage time and resources.

The next step for BinGo will be the launching of our awesome app, so be sure to hear from us very, very soon.

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