This project was inspired by a very clever website which lists restaurants that are still open on campus. My goal was to improve upon this concept by showing the restaurants in the context of their location, and by allowing the website to choose for you. This is the killer feature - many people have trouble with indecision, and my map can resolve their struggle with the press of a button!

I liked how the interface and search system turned out, so I decided to expand the website to solve another problem often encountered by freshmen, which is deciphering the many building acronyms in the University of Michigan. There are already other solutions to this problem, but mine behaves best on mobile devices. On-the-go is when a map is most important.

The best thing about the map is that it's based on OpenStreetMap. This project involves a lot of map data. I could have managed my own private dataset, but I decided the right thing to do was learn how to contribute data to "the Wikipedia of maps" and make my map read from that instead. All the edits and improvements I've been making to the Ann Arbor area are now on the public OpenStreetMap for everyone's benefit, and in turn my map can benefit from future improvements anyone makes.

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