Discover local farmer's markets of Alberta, Canada. Selecting one of these markets allows you to share the experience through pictures, navigate to the markets from your current location, rate and review the experience. Great finds are easy to share with your friends and social networks. Alberta FMR can be used to help consumers find local produce and promotes healthy eating by connecting customers with farmers markets in Alberta, Canada.


The idea for this app comes from the notion of healthy eating and eating locally grown foods. A critical goal of growing local economy and increasing social good can be accomplished by supporting local growers. Alberta, FMR is an app designed to help both local residents and tourists with the tools to begin the journey of discovering farmer's markets all around them.

How it works

The app requires users to allow app access to current location (this allows the app to navigate to the selected farmer's market)

  1. Install Alberta FMR from iTunes store onto iPhone 5, 6, 6+ running iOS 8.1+ (requires internet connection)
  2. Tap the opening screen
  3. Data is populated from the Alberta Farmers Markets data set
  4. Tap on one of the resulting farmer's markets
  5. Phone will automatically calculate route to the farmer's market
  6. Tap the RED button to access DIRECTIONS and CAMERA
  7. Tap the top button for DIRECTIONS, the bottom for CAMERA, and the RED button to return to the map
  8. The Camera view allows one to take a picture (press the big button in the camera view)
  9. Press Done to return to the map view
  10. Tap the image itself to comment on a photo
  11. Tap the arrow button on top of the image to share with your social network
  12. On the market table view tap the big star to add a rating / comment for the market



If connection errors occur during installation, please simply close and restart the app. Data download takes approximately 90 seconds over wifi. The activity indicator will stop when data is fully loaded. After that, no further download is needed but one does require cellular network or wifi access for plotting routes to the farmer's markets.

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posted an update

A good feature someone suggested is the ability for Farmers to claim their entry and, add electronic coupons to their own markets. I would use the contact methods in the data feed to allow farmers to validate their information. Once claimed, those farmers who want to offer specials would enter electronic coupon information such as discount percentage or amounts for one or more products with a start and expiration time. Users of the apps would be sent push notifications when new coupons are offered. Notifications might be organized by regional location of the phone so that only those which are relevant to specific users is presented.

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posted an update

I am working on bringing this app to the US and other markets as the need for local grower support needs to be much higher. Given the growth of genetic modification to our food supply we really need to empower people to find unmodified, organic foods.

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