Our inspiration behind this app was that we comprehended the situation the world is facing right now, COVID 19 and we wanted to do something to help.

What it does

In the app, users will be able to input their symptoms daily in an easy and fun way! All they have to do is go in the app and answer a few questions regarding their symptoms! Once they have done that, they will start their streak and the longer their streak is the more "KureCoins" they will be able to obtain. Thus using these KureCoins they will be able to redeem them for special offers, gift cards and more! This app will help medical professionals working on the frontlines as well as governments to see how their countries and communities are doing amidst the pandemic.

How I built it

To start off, we made a UI/UX design that we all agreed on and then we worked on getting the pages set up correctly in the app and last but not least working on the backend to make the app functional for use.

Challenges I ran into

As of challenges, our team was very efficient in completing the app, thus besides for a few hiccups along the way we did not have many challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Learning React Native
  • Learning How To Make UI/UX Even Better
  • Team Coordination
  • Working with the Expo SDK

What I learned

Our team learned how to use React Native and how to deploy a mobile-app with the Expo SDK along with other key fundamental programming languages to bring this app to life.

What's next for Zymptom

Our next step for Zymptom is to launch it into App Stores such as Google Play and Apple Store to bring it to users worldwide. And the most exciting thing is, we are almost ready to do so!

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