Written Explanation

When we first heard of this competition we were skeptical and somewhat scared. When we entered, we had those fleeting thoughts that maybe we wouldn’t be as good as all the other amazing participants. Maybe this wouldn’t work. However, we realised that what we yearned for was a mentally stimulating and fun experience that could spark some difference in the topic given to us. So, we did decide to join the Hackathon and we didn’t regret this choice. Our team decided to create an application focused upon sparking connectivity amongst students, colleagues and other workers alike, through a rarely seen competition-style study/learning system. Collaboration is encouraged, and those who use the app can motivate each other to do the best they can in work that they produce.

The app allows different people from around the world to Zone (posting in our app) images and pictures of work. These zones then are circulated around the app by sharing, liking, commenting, or analysing the image. Other features include the group, goals and reminder functions. The groups function allows users to connect together with friends and colleagues to analyse and critique each other’s work, as well as boost the motivation and morale levels via a collective effort. The goal function is quite self-explanatory; the user sets goals for themselves ergo sticking to an objective, constantly staying on top of work thanks to reminders from “Zi”.

One our proudest achievements is simple: being able to work in harmony with each other on this project. We were consistently enjoying ourselves whilst critiquing each other’s work, truly operating like a well-oiled machine. We would not dawdle once we ran into roadblocks. We would consult each and power through, all while working online, unable to meet each other in person (which is ironic really).

At times we had unavoidable holidays and unforeseen events clash with this project during the timeframe given. Here, organisation and just about every word with the same meaning was key. Now, the result of this hackathon may sway in a direction unfavourable to ourselves, but we are eternally grateful for this experience and hope to sharpen our coding skills for the future through further displays of vision and dedication. We will grow together, hopefully creating something new and exciting for our society in the process.

That’s the goal.

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