ZinMotion is Communities in Motion. Built with Salesforce1, Community Cloud and Chatter.

In today's connected world of mobile apps and background location services, ZinMotion is all about engaging your Customers, Partners and Employees in real-time at conferences, retail spaces, sporting events and educational institutions.

ZinMotion allows you to create "Motion Events" which become an intersection of location, time and event members. This creates a live collaboration space using Chatter and live event maps to enable engagement across your teams and customer ecosystem.

In addition to a consolidated collaboration feed, you can create "virtual beacons" to perform actions as participants get close to points of interest or engagement.

ZinMotion lets you extend your Salesforce Communities in all new ways:

  • "Where's my team right now?"
  • "@Mike, talk to the Atlassian team in the Dev Zone"
  • "Let me know when Dave is near the my booth (virtual beacon)"
  • "Team, check out Amanda rockin' her presentation! (chatter feed photo)"

Let's put your Community in Motion!

ZinMotion - http://ZinMotion.com

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