I wasn't able to put my face in the video, here is a separate link of just my face xD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E980SZMdbyhC4AVKEmYnbPiNlhnmZkwM/view

Why I made it

I made YourSpeaker because I wanted my hack to have a tangible impact on the community. This app can bring real change to peoples' lives, which was my primary motivation for making it.

What it does

The app acts as a conversational aid to individuals who suffer from mutism. It essentially acts as their voice. A user enters the desired message into the text box, and upon clicked the "Say it!" button, the app will speak the text. There are other features to app, including adding customizations and voice audio preferences.

How I built it

I built app from scratch entirely using the Xcode environment supplied by Apple. The language I used was Swift 4.0.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm particularly proud of the data persistence in this app. Using NSUserDefaults, I was able to save all the user data into a standard plist, and constantly just reuse that plist. Getting that to work properly was definitely a big milestone.

What I learned

This project helped me learn how to use AVFoundation, and overall broadened my coding experience and knowledge. I also was able to gain some insight into mutism and the affected parties.

What's next for YourSpeaker

I believe YourSpeaker has the potential to become so much more than just a mutism aid. In the future, I plan to add features for deaf people to use the app as well. The added feature will register someone else's speech and convert it to text for any deaf individual to read and respond to. I also want to add more languages to the app in the future. Hopefully, with consistent effort, I will be able to publish this app onto the App Store.

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