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When I was doing a public health research in Asia and pacific islands, I saw many children were hospitalized in local hospital. I asked why, and I realized that they were seriously dehydrated because of diarrhea.

Every year, diarrhea kills 525,000 children under five. What is the top cause of fatal diarrhea in infants and children? It’s rotavirus. Rotavirus accounts for about 40 percent of deaths from diarrhea among children, and that is 215,000 deaths worldwide.

Vaccination is a powerful solution, but it’s too expensive and it doesn’t guarantee perfect prevention of the virus (its vaccine efficacy is about 70 % in the developing countries).

Rotaviral gastroenteritis is also a serious public health problem in developed countries. The disease is ubiquitous, affecting nearly all children by the age of 5 years. It is the most common cause of hospitalizations for gastroenteritis among children in the United States and is associated with direct and indirect costs of approximately $1 billion per year.

What it does

"YourPacifier" is a smart pacifier to support your children and you. the pacifier sensing humidity of baby's lips

then the mobile app notifies you the baby's total body water if the water amount is dangerous, the app alerts you and gives you tree easy question. *if the water amount is little and your baby can be dangerous, the app alerts you and gives you three easy question.

By answering them, the app judges that your baby condition is so severe that you have to bring your baby to a hospital or not. Oral Rehydration Solution is included in the pacifier, your baby can be hydrated at the same time. It can be a first-aid for your baby's dehydration.

YourPacifier collects the data of users, and it can detect epidemics around your child "YourPacifier" is a smart pacifier not only for your baby but also for you!

How we built it

Dashboards for hospitals to check the status of patients in their area were constructed using Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript. Your pacifier 's smartphone application was built using Xcode and swift. We used arduino and sensor to develop your pacifier prototype. The 3D model of your pacifier was designed using fusion 360. I designed a mechanism that extrudes air by pinching and pushes chemical into the baby's mouth.

Challenges we ran into

Since we formed the team for the first time in this Hackathon, we needed to create prototypes of web application, hardware, smartphone application, 3D model from scratch within 24 hours. That was the most difficult challenges we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of What we are most proud of is the fact that we created all the entire system within 2-days hackathon. We've ・used sensors to measure Dehydration with, to some extent, scientifically valid evidence and actually made pacifier itself, ・created iOS app with high UI quality, connected to sensors, chat bot with a doctor ・made dashboard with beautiful graphs and arrangement

We are also confident in how we defined the problem: Need Statement We are sure we've met UNMET needs and built a solution with deep public-health knowledge and experiences of the members and with high feasibility from technical and business point of view.

What we learned

Hand washing hygiene and vaccination is considered as the best solution for the virus infection in the medical point of view. But it's difficult to defend babies from rotavirus. From our interdisciplinary discussions, we've realized that rehydration and education for their parents are the reasonable solution about it

What's next for your pacifier

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