We are a team of four colleagues; one designer, one front end developer, one back end developer and one product director.

Our aim was to build a survey that enables COSMIC staff to ask key questions to their patients and their family. We wanted to design a story around the survey so the children and family feel like it is a compelling experience with lots of visual imagery inspired by the multitude of gaming apps designed for children, which have a range of simple brightly coloured characters with different personalities. Hopefully, after what must have been a fairly traumatic experience, they complete the survey without having to 'relive it'.


The survey questions: We reviewed all the questions suggested by COSMIC and refined them to collect the information in the friendliest way possible and also to help the staff collect useful information. For example, asking someone if they were spoken to in a language they understood would not find out which language would have been most beneficial to the patients and their family, so we adjusted that question.

Compelling characters with intuitive navigation: We used the 'We've BEAN in your thoughts' tagline and designed characters like 'jumping bean' and 'broad bean' to use throughout the experience to raise a lighthearted conversation between family members, with the 'runner bean' marking their progress through the quiz and crossing the finishing line at the end. All the touch areas and signposts are large, legible and clear making it accessible to users with a range of abilities.

Non linear: We imagined that the family would be answering the quiz together so there is opportunity at the end to retake the quiz as a different user and enjoy a different experience tailored to various points of view.

Clever backend: The backend was built in Java and uses Embedded Jetty as a server. It is hosted on Heroku which gives us free hosting capabilities and lets us maintain the server from afar. The Backend code is responsible for transforming the editable file structure into a format the questionnaire can understand and transforming the questionnaire results into a CSV which can be opened in Excel. Frontend Github repository: https://github.com/didoo/cosmic-hackathon/ Backend Github repository: https://github.com/ebar/cosmic-hackathon

In one day we have designed and built a system that could be hosted and immediately actioned across the COSMIC patient communication channels via a click of a url. Our solution is visually engaging, sensitive, value for money and extremely easy to use for families, hospital staff and hospital data analysts.

An enjoyable and educational experience for everyone!

Including us!

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