We know their is a lot of blind people in Paris, and we know some of them personally. Based on the problems they face everyday, we came to this idea of the connected stick to help them feel more confortable walking on the streets and cities.

How it works

The stick is connected to a GPS. The user knows exactly where he is, where he is going, he may not get lost and some very cool features. Thanks to the Wunder Bar and the proximity device, we've connected the stick by bluetooth to an app. This way the stick got the information (in case their is an obstacle to face for example) and make the phone vibrate to warn the user.

Challenges I ran into

Define all the connected objects and technologies we know to make it happen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting to make it work finally !

What I learned

Team work, being determinate.

What's next for us

Get to make the other features possible.

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