The inspiration for this project started when the national wide lockdown hit in India as soon the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic started spreading, being a computer science majors I had to stay at my desk for very very long hours sometimes for 7 hours in continuation and on an average for 10 hours every day. My neck and lower back started to ache then my elder sister who was practicing yoga for last 12 years suggested me to do yoga for 30 min everyday and started teaching me, in beginning I just have to follow her to learn the basic steps then after she just started to correct my posture and different yoga poses and to be very honest I would not be able to learn Yoga the way my sister taught me, I have my sister who was practicing this art for these 12 long years but not everyone has someone who is this proficient in yoga and can teach and correct the posture the way my sister did.

And hence was born YogApp - A completely new, end-to-end artificial intelligence based personal yoga instructor application built to help people teach and improve yoga posture by giving proper instruction to them.

About YogApp

YogApp is built from the ground up keeping user experience in mind, which is a key ingredient when we are concerned with improving users health. It has the following features:

-Interactive experience through real-time pose recognition. -Uses computer vision and deep learning Keras models to guide you through every step of the asana only when you complete the previous step of the asana successfully. -Specifically designed yoga tracks/playlists which are suited to the user's health issues, creating a more personalized experience. -Users are awarded stars based on how good the accuracy of their pose is once they complete and progress through each step in the track.







Some of the problems that we are trying to solve with YogApp are:

  • Obesity - a serious worldwide health issue.

  • People in normal time, have terribly hectic schedules, they don’t have time to go to the gym. Some people are insecure about their bodies so avoid going to public gyms as well.

  • Work from home due to the recent COVID pandemic has deteriorated the situation even more.

  • Physical inactivity can lead to diseases, both physical and mental. In these trying times, any kind of disease can be deadly.

  • Maintaining correct posture while exercising is essential, as wrong postures can lead to body problems.

    Proposed solution

  • We propose yoga as a solution to this issue. Practitioners recommend yoga for its mind-body benefits—flexibility, toned muscles, reduced stress, among others. Yoga is closely related to the principles of Indian Ayurveda. Yoga helps reduce weight as well as cholesterol, thus this will be helpful for diabetics out there. Yoga reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s beneficial for women during and after breast cancer as well as pregnancy.

  • More recently, scientists have begun to test yoga's effect on serious medical conditions. Yoga has already become part of the standard treatment for a number of medical problems.

  • YogApp is your real-time personal YOGA instructor, allowing anyone to harness the benefits of yoga from any place in the world.

  • YogApp will ensure that however busy a person might be, they spend some time of their day in physical activity and mental exercises as they don't have to travel anywhere to exercise.

How is YogApp different from all the applications out there?

The first question that arises - why should should you choose YogApp?

Simply because no other app out there implements real-time pose prediction technology!

  • Every time you are stuck on a step or yoga asana, YogApp waits for you to complete it, and only then it gives instructions for the next asana, just like a personal yoga instructor who attends to you in real-time.

  • You don’t need to pause the video or anything. It will automatically detect if you have achieved the correct pose and adapt accordingly.

  • Gamified by awarding stars to the users based on their pose accuracy.

Scalability implementation: scale-out

  • For a large number of users, we will continue to use Firebase for storage, authentication and various other services that comes along with it. We believe Firebase provides an amazing set to tools to easily maintain a large userbase with robust and essential services in a single package.

  • MUX will be used for fast and seamless video streaming to multiple users around the world.

  • We can support any number of users with Tensorflow Lite on-device ML models.

  • For voice recognition we are using Dialogflow which easily scales out as it is also connected to the Google Cloud Platform.


  • This app will have beginners track publicly accessible to all users for free as we release.

  • We shall have other requirement specific tracks as a paid option. But we will give users access to the paid features as a limited time trial so that they can try them out.

  • We will have an active support channel where users can reach out easily if they face any problem while using the app.

Scope of going beyond

  • Converting the app into a whole assistant for fitness in general.

  • From personalized diets to assessing requirements and suggesting a whole fitness routine including food items, schedules, and yoga tracks and timings.

  • The app can be used for ordering health gear like yoga mats as well as nutritional items, like nutritional granola bars. It can be made into a monthly plan for the users specific to the yoga track plan they have chosen.

  • YogApp will be a global platform for us to introduce and educate people on the benefits of Indian Vedic culture to the global community. This will make yoga a fun experience, hence people will enjoy exercising along with improving their physique, mental strength, and will power.

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