Ever have those household chores you don't like, or just don't know how to do? So do we! ("Yes, mom, I'll take out the trash when I'm home) So we created this app for you to post jobs locally and allow people to browse through current job postings. Just include your contact information, and you can have someone watering your begonias to make some extra cash in no time!

What it does

Yes, mom! allows you to post a job on the android app (with a small description, estimated amount of time, compensation, and your contact information). We provide a simple, scrolling interface to browse other postings in your city. By selecting a "Job", you and others can view more details about the job and find contact information if you're interested in doing it.

How I built it

We used Android Studio to create Yes, mom! It's our first time using and creating an android app. For DB, we needed a server, so we used since it was free and easier to use than AWS. We created a couple of extra JavaScript methods to use for parse and the app to communicate, too.

Challenges I ran into

The largest challenge we ran into with this project was properly setting up a server and linking it to our app. Additionally, because we all had little or no experience using Android Studio, the project required lots of documentation reading and bug fixing!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team, we're really proud of how we were all able to work together to create this app together and make something totally new. Each of us got to have experience with coding and/or languages that we've never had before!

What I learned

Lots of coding experiences in Android app development/JavaScript for server

What's next for Yes, Mom!

In the future, we could extend Yes, Mom! by building as iOS app as well. Additionally, we could create "user accounts" so people are able to view all of their current job postings in one place.

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