First: what are fractals? Fractals are complex structures based on a simple core shape or pattern, and can be found in many places, both mathematical and natural.

Examples of fractals

Inspired by the aesthetics of two-dimensional fractals, our team set out to explore the possibility of fractal generation in three-dimensional space.

What it does

Our iOS mobile app enables users to fiddle with fractals anywhere and anytime! Users interact with an immersive "fractal portal" through which they are able to experiment with their own geometric designs. With reactive sound and an intuitive interface, XR Fractals is an intriguing, entertaining mobile experience.

How we built it

XR Fractals uses Unity and ARKit.

SDKs, APIs, Libraries and Assets Used

ARKit was used to build the project.

Spiral Icon in project (under public domain) -

Challenges we ran into

Before we even started our project, one of our first challenges was deciding which technologies XR Fractals would use. We experimented with both VR and AR devices, but ultimately settled on a simple mobile AR app. With this platform, our app enables users to explore aesthetically interesting fractals on a whim.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ran through many possible ideas for ways to generate our 3D fractals, as well as ways for users to interact with their creations. After playing around with shaders and mirrors, we decided to code our own recursive geometry for users to build fractal shapes with. We developed reactive audio that reflects the intricacy of our fractals. And to present our core experience, we devised and successfully implemented an immersive portal and an engaging UI for our users.

What we learned

Iteration is key: although our team has faced setback after setback, adaptability and willingness to start moving in a new direction have enabled us to successfully develop an entertaining app. Just like a fractal, we've expanded upon our core idea to create an amazing structure!

What's next for XR Fractals

Our fractals still have more space to grow! While XR Fractals is currently focused in augmented reality, as our team name implies, our app could easily extend to new devices and new technologies. Future expansion into VR or even a continuation of AR with wearable devices would introduce an entirely new level of immersion.

About the Team

Sukhraj Johal - A third year student at Sheridan College studying Game Design. Encompasses skills in game development, visual art, and UI/UX.

Michelle Yakubek - Developer

Eozin Che - Developer

Ian Mackenzie - C# Developer recently graduated from the New Hampshire Technical Institute. AR/VR Developer and Enthusiast

Matt Ross - Sound Designer

Hackathon Theme and Category

Hackathon Theme Arts, Media, Entertainment

Category Visual Art

Contact and Location Details

Team location 6th floor, Main Presentation Room, 3 tables from the door

Contact Ian Mackenzie: 603-209-5658

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