There is massive waste in the service industry when it comes to throwing away produce. Imagine finding that lettuce you knew you had and opening it to find a mushy brown mess? What if there was an alert system that told you when it would've started going bad? Would you have saved it? This is what led us to create Xpire, but on a large scale for the service industry. We created a website that acts as a database to organize and sort all the items by expiration date so businesses can plan ahead on what to use.

What it does

It is a database that users can easily add or delete an item with its quantity, description and expiration date. It also will track water usage with the user's water bill.

How we built it

A mixture of php, javascript, css, and html coding languages. A mySQL database was integrated.

Challenges had, and conquered

Using the database and formatting everything correctly on the website.


We are super excited to have worked efficiently as a team and come together on a completed project. We made all the graphics as well.

What we learned

More experience in working with all the languages and using databases on websites.

What's next for Xpire

We hope for a widespread use of the app, including an app, and a way to scan items in the system. Hopefully, businesses could use the opportunity of using food before it goes bad or even donating it to food banks or homeless shelters.

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