What it does

Xcanvas makes users to be able to save different contents from many other media platforms such as Facebook, NewYork Times, Instagram, Youtube, and many more in to a single platform with easy user experience. This way, you never have to go back or go through hassle to collect informations. Also you can collaborate and write comments with your friends.

How I built it

Xcode, Swift, Adobe, Figma, and with love

Challenges I ran into

Having too much food.... good and delicious..lots of caffein

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We went through struggle and all night to finish minimal viable prototype.

What I learned

Working with people

What's next for Xcanvas

We would like to continue developing this idea since this idea is very tangible that solves many people's problems. Plus, through our little research many people were willing to use our service. Eventually we would like to pitch this idea and tackle the market.

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