Inspiration- We began to look for solutions to different world problems. Pollution, global warming, water scarcity, food scarcity – you name it, we spent countless hours poring over these big issues. Poverty was one issue we looked at. We also researched statistics of people falling into debt traps in the UAE and that was quite startling. Nearly 66 percent of UAE citizens save less than 10 per cent of their monthly income. So, what would we do? How could we go about solving this? We realized that we couldn’t exactly pull people out of poverty but we did come up with a solution that could potentially help people save more money, thereby improving their financial prospects.

What it does- Helps users save more money and therefore creating a financially literate and financially stable society.

How we built it- Prototype is built in Adobe XD along with bot services from Microsoft azure.

Challenges we ran into- Coming up with a concept that benefitted all the stakeholders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- Coming up with a concept that benefitted all the stakeholders.

What we learned- Importance of teamwork, problem solving.

What's next for XBank- With the help of investors, turn into a startup, which deploys an app that will help people.

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