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Diversity & Inclusion


  • Many people are unable to talk due to their disabilities & many people are mute inborn
  • People with speech challenges can easily get frustrated when trying to communicate with friends & family
  • On the other hand, it is difficult to understand the sign language of a mute person
  • We can fill this communication gap with the help of technology

What it does

  • Unmutify helps a mute person to communicate easily
  • With Unmutify, a mute person can talk by converting text to speech & emojis to speech
  • Users can create custom sentences & pronounce them with text-to-speech
  • Emoji-To-Speech helps users to talk quickly with the help of various types of emojis
  • Unmutify has easy to use UI/UX. Anyone can learn to use this app very easily

How we built it

  • SwiftUI: UI + Functionality
  • AVFoundation: Multimedia Framework by Apple to play AV

Challenges we ran into

  • Converting Emoji-To-Text-To-Speech
  • Converting the meaning of Emoji into text

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Unmutify helps a disabled person who can't talk or a mute person to talk easily with the help of emojis

What we learned

Learned about Text-To-Speech & Emoji-To-Text-To-Speech

What's next for Unmutify

  1. Our vision is to focus on helping Mute/Disabled people to communicate easily
  2. To add support in many languages
  3. To add phone call support
  4. To add more Emoji’s & improve Emoji-To-Speech Functionality
  5. To add all gender voices

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