Winner of the Art and Visual Presentation award at Jamchester 2017

This game was made in under 40 hours, with four hours sleep, by me. Just me. In a cardigan.

Sci-fi Puzzle Adventure. The story of Gaia, a sentient planet who roams the universe shaping other worlds, even as she heals herself.

The game features:

  • Accurate orbital physics (as well as some not-so-accurate physics, to stop you from breaking my game).
  • Balancing of interdependent resources, including mass, temperature, water and vegetation.
  • Hastily slapped-together tutorial and an intro you can't skip.
  • Cinematic score.
  • Intuitive, touch-focused UI... even though it's currently PC-only.
  • Oh and the graphics are pretty swish. Low poly indie nonsense FTW.

26-06-17 : New build uploaded with some necessary fixes.

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