Our current American clown and obesity epidemics.

What it does

In World Tour Z you progress through a zombie clown infested apocalypse by pedaling. The game registers how fast you're pedaling and the bike in game will speed up or slow down accordingly. But if that isn't enough for you you're also equipped with a .45 that will help you deal with those pesky undead clowns. Remember! Each clip only has 10 rounds, so make sure to reach to your side to reload. Look down at your bike screen to keep up with your stats.

Now including: Running Mode Play the full game while running in place or on a treadmill!

How we built it

Assets were made in Maya and Blender, and the game itself uses the UnityVR with the HTC Vive. All of the code was written in C# in VisualStudio. Levels are procedurally generated, so you will never run out of clowns!

Challenges we ran into

Some of the highlights of our hack were dealing with an never ending army of undead clowns who could never be truly killed, creating a realistic bike that could speed up or slow down without making the player puke, and who could forget the ever present threat of being locked out of the Dodd building where we were working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The genuine fear that you feel while playing this game. You have to keep pedaling to stay alive, but if you let your guard down you could be swarmed, and these clowns are not pretty.

What we learned

  • This is only our second Vive game, so we're constantly learning new things about VR.
  • Apparently, calling a coroutine from another script on a different game object is ridiculously difficult.
  • Name your materials. Do it.
  • The doors to Lamar Dodd lock at 8pm on Saturday nights now.....

What's next for World Tour Z

We plan on continuing work on the game.

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