What it does

Track, Trigger & Triage measures indoor and outdoor close contact ratios between employees in the factory. The current social distancing imposed by governments is 6 feet (2 meters) and must be maintained until restrictions are eased. Through a distance management platform, the product automatically monitors the locations resulting in notifications being sent to employees when distancing has been breached.


The stack Python, Service-now, Java, Raspberry Pie, Google cloud, Power BI


Here’s some facts: Manufacturing jobs account for 11.4% of EU jobs, and with the outbreak of Covid-19 a large majority of factories are either closing for business or breeding highly infectious areas for the continuation and contamination of the virus. It is estimated that factory closures in Europe and North America have caused some 2.5 million vehicles to be removed from production schedules, whilst jobs have been cut in some countries by 25%. Medium to High risk occupations include machine operators, construction workers, food and beverage cooks. Track, Trigger & Triage main impact will eliminate the spread of the virus, saving lives and improving the overall economy

Help factories manage and automate improvements to digital workflows

It is essential that factories are equipped and audit-able to carry on business as usual. Track, Trigger & Triage has introduced a safety-grade service tool for employers and their employees network. Our proprietary exposure ratio and colour grading GEO fencing, automatically supervises the factory workflow, promising a birds-eye view on what's happening, in real-time. Exposure hotspot areas are identified, followed by a trigger and triage to protect the health and well-being of anyone else who may have been exposed to the virus.

By using this solution engineers or warehouse planners can digitally verify a safe working environment for the employees. Average cost per device: $2.50 per unit
Targeting 20,000 workers back by 1st June 2020

Accomplishments - Solution to eliminate uncertainties, help plan, monitor and evaluate operations.

Leverage signal processing and pervasive computing, the solution was successfully implemented on Service-Now, a cloud computing platform acting as an enterprise go to market app store. Servicenow is in 80-90% fortune 500/100 organizations and does not have a manufacturing related workflow around Covid, until now.

Working with the latest innovative technologies, fully self reporting meets requirements of data protection by design and by default, ready to bring production back online. The employee is in full control of the data and can grant or revoke access. The supervisor receives real-time data about the hotspot location, analytics about the work force, sharing insights across the organization in compliance with the implemented technical and organizational measures.

Track, Trigger & Triage is the brainchild of 7 countries and 7 multi versed hackers, hustler and hipsters, ranging from scientists, engineers, designers and a privacy legal expert. During the hackathon the idea, technology and every single line of code was built from scratch. The newly formed team identified a problem, and built an urgent solution with economic value to help save lives.

Creating a circular economy drives zero waste. The solution has the ability to plug-into old recycled mobile phones, which the employee just picks up upon factory entry and puts down when he leaves. This is a low-entry implementation product as opposed to the wrist the ban

What We Learnt

The Eu has so much undiscovered talent from some of these smaller countries that only comes to shine thanks to these coproduction environment .

What's next for Workplace Trigger & Track health Triage to Stop the Spread

When factory workers return to work, our hope is that this commercial environment in the up-coming weeks, will be fully ready, tested further then then the POC environment, its being staged upon now.

After the threat has been neutralized, the plan is to convert the wristbands into a track and trigger, company sponsored Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) monitoring solution.

Track, Trigger & Triage would like to build a team that can focus on software & hardware prototyping which will involve selecting the optimal electrical components, such as system-on-a-chip as an example, through to hiring engineers to build out advanced machine learning models to predict the likelihood of an employee or area getting contaminated.

Track, Trigger and Triage will be applying for an EU grant whilst looking to team with partner programs and explore other industry sectors including outdoor events and festivals.

In closing we’d like to thank the EUvsVirus and all its mentors and supervisors for putting this together including the sponsors Google & KPMG who helped us along the way.


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