As proud pet parents, we wanted something that others like us could use. One concern that arose during our brainstorming was pet safety while walking our dogs. Sometimes, we are unsure if another dog in the park is aggressive, and wanted a way to be able to tell. With the added safety measure

What it does

Matches dog walkers based on location and allows dogs to meet each other and make new friends! Owners can then rate interactions afterwards anonymously and help other dogs meet the best bois in the neighborhood. :)

  1. A phone app that detects the collar’s signal shows information about the dog nearby. (dog profile: name, breed, age/birthday, food likes, toys likes, breeds likes)
  2. The owner can look at the information about the incoming dog, and make a decision as to whether or not they want to make contact.
  3. So if other dog is slightly more aggressive, or tends to not like interacting with other dogs, you know to avoid.
  4. Owner wants to let their dog meet that other dog, so he swipes right (will replace swipe function later).
  5. The other owner also wants to make contact, and they swipes right too.
  6. The map pops up, and the owners find each other.
  7. Dogs play with each other, then afterwards the owners rate the other dogs’ on the app. Rating will be saved to each individual dog’s profile, and updated weekly.

How we built it

Originally, we wanted to build an Android app that makes use of Google Map API to help location match, but we ran out of time to make a working Android prototype. Thus, we have completed an ideation prototype in Marvel to showcase the idea and features through beautiful UI, and we will continue to work on the functional Android app with more time in the future.

Challenges we ran into

It was definitely a time crunch, but our team worked well together so we were able to finish with a prototype of Woof Woof that we can proudly show off.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud to have completed a beautiful UI prototype with a clear direction on what can be added next.

What we learned

Having a clear idea at the beginning is the most important aspect. We learned that making a clear document for all use cases helped us all be on the same page and collaborate efficiently.

What's next for Woof Woof

In the coming years as technology continues to develop around mixed reality, we hope to change the platform Woof Woof is on! Instead of residing within a user's phone, profiles can be automatically seen next to the pet, perhaps emitted from a specialized collar.

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