During these morose times I want to do my share of spreading joy and fun across the world. I wanted to make a game to try my hand in advanced AI and spawn optimization techniques and at the same time share the fun with the rest of the world.

What it does

The AI is based on a statistical model which helps predict the optimum position for a hit. The spawn optimization techniques allows infinite level without causing any major lagging. Character customization and a kill-based ranking system has been implemented. The UX/UI has been designed so as to make game play intuitive. Above all, it does it's bit in adding joy to the world !!!

How I built it

The game-play was implemented using Unreal Engine with the assets created using Blender, Photoshop and Illustrator. My experience in AI helped in modelling the optimum position seeking algorithms.

Challenges I ran into

The spawn optimization was very challenging. Initially the calculations for the navigation mesh to be built exceeded 10 million as I didn't have time to increase the functionality for level streaming. As my computer is in no way capable of doing that in a day I had to come up with an entirely different algorithm to enable infinite level without using level streaming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The AI is pretty good considering this was my first AI project from a game development perspective. The level number is infinite which was done without using level streaming and no additional trade-offs and that was some cool last minute thinking. The greatest achievement of all is the smile I saw on my loved one's faces as they enjoyed playing the game !!!

What I learned

I've have tasted the fruits of game-development and will definitely be back for more. I've learned the do's and don'ts of game optimization. I am left with a new outlook on statistical ML models.

What's next for Wolfie

Wolfie will be released on Windows, Android and iOS for free of-course. The main goal of Wolfie has always been to give joy to all people no matter what their financial status is. Wolfie will serve as the quirky debut of a very quirky animal RPG series which I hope will be a cult game someday.

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