We are inspired by the reality we live today; Venezuelans who come to Colombia every day, because of forced displacement by the state, after traveling approximately 1,630 km, most of them walked from the border to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, in search of an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Currently, Colombia has received more than 1,400,000 Venezuelans. Many of these have been discriminated against in the country, due to the lack of tolerance and understanding of the situation they are experiencing today.

We want to find a solution so that in some way people become aware that immigrants do not move for pleasure, but because of conflicts in their country and that they can live in other countries or travel the world without being discriminated against because of a language, A color or a culture. And that we understand that we are all brothers, we have the same origin and the same destiny.

What it does

We made a game for a social cause. When the cell phone's front camera recognizes a face, it opens showing an interface that explains how to play. To start you have to touch the screen. It consists of jumping the walls and obstacles that are in the way of the character (kid), to jump it is necessary to blink when the obstacle is near.

As it progresses, the background changes color, wanting to represent a desire to find a better future for their families as they cross borders.

If an obstacle touches the character (kid) the game ends and a message is displayed that says "BORDERS ONLY EXIST IN OUR MIND" and the score.

To play again, touch the screen 2 times. To close the game, the screen is pressed for 1 second and you can test the effect with a friend and a message will appear on them that says FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS ”

When switching to the rear camera of the cell phone, you can see the planet earth turning with the character (kid) on it greeting with a message that says "FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS" and changing its color from black to green that represents hope.

How we built it

First we designed the materials we needed for the game. With Photoshop we create the colliders, the eyes that go on the face, the instructional images, "game over" and the text that says for a world without borders, we also design the character that would be running and jumping the walls and to animate the character We use after effects.

For the 3D modeling that appears on the plane tracker, we model the character (kid) in 3D and animate it with 4D cinema, we download the planet earth from the library spark ar studio. We use a manipulation patch to move the plane tracker objects

For the score we rely on a script from the spark ar studio community The sound of the character jumping we downloaded from a free internet library. We create the interactions with the Spark ar studio patch editor using face tracker, plane tracker, speaker, among others. For the background to change color we use the blink with a mixer so that each time the action is done change the color of the background as the speed of the colliders increases. In this way we create a complex map with the patches to create all the details of the game and interactions in the Spark ar studio program.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Think about how to create a game that will change the way people think about the social problems of immigrants.
  2. Create the interactions of the game so that it starts the separation of the face automatically showing the game interface, which is inside the person's head.
  3. Integrate the entire game into the face tracker
  4. Configure the parameters of the game so that jumps, movements, score, end of the game work and be able to play again.
  5. To be able to close the face by hiding the game and open it as many times as you want.
  6. Configure all layers of objects in the scene. We encountered many challenges, every day we developed this design since we had never made a design of this complexity and not a game like that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having created this design, makes us very proud, we discovered and learned many things we did not know and also to help change people's mentality to have a better world.

What we learned

To work as a team, to make a game something we had never done and to be able to do it for a social cause. We also learned that no matter what nationality a person has, we have the same red blood in our veins regardless of our religion, color or sex, we are all inhabitants of this land, we are all brothers. We learned to know all the functionalities and infinite possibilities that can be created with Spark Ar Studio and that everything you can imagine can be created. We learned that there are no limits and there are no borders.

What's next for Without Borders

We will share it in our country and invite Colombians, Venezuelans and everyone, that there are no borders and that it is better to do good and help each other. We hope to be able to show this initiative worldwide as we will never know when we will be immigrants.

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