A teammate came up with the idea for this app during her own experience with dialectical behavioral therapy. She was diagnosed with biploar disorder and the therapy helped her regain control of her symptoms.

What it does

Provides a daily diary card for user to track skills learned and used, provides a game platform for users to learn new skills, gives user realtime analytics of historically tracked data, encourages users along the way to continue improving their mental health to reach the goal of a fulfilled life. We approached the project with a human centered design lens and wanted to build something that was easy to understand, beautiful, and rewarding so people want to use it.

How we built it

We found our team through Slack posts prior to the event among general interest in building a mental health app. One teammate sketched a few wireframes before arriving and once we got together and met in person, we all started working on our separate pieces. One member built the backend using AWS, two members worked on the front end through Android Design Studio. Our fourth member built assets and supported design decisions while developing prototypes in Adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up AWS as the secure backend. No wifi. Seamlessly merging project files without the use of wifi.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our layouts. Human centered approach. Creating a product that can help people in need. Launcher screens. Learning a ton. Making new friends. Completing a product. Teamwork, an awesome team!

What we learned

Set up the backend first. Sit near the network switch. Collaborate more beforehand. XML. Android Design Studio interface. Skills in project management. Teamwork. Get a mattress first.

What's next for Wise Mind

We want to implement mood, anxiety, energy, sleep and custom symptom trackers. Provide support for finding a therapist. Be HIPAA compliant. Build out more of a web presence. Medication notifications. Guided breathing and meditations. Export data to doctor or therapist. More badges. Emergency resources.

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