There is no better time than now to raise awareness on wildlife trafficking while helping people to see new places in a time when a wildlife-related pandemic is stopping us from traveling. Especially as the entire coronavirus novel is happening due to an illegal food market using trafficked pangolins. So this is the real feel of the impact of trafficked wildlife

What it does

Wildo is AR experience in a city that will showcase both rare species and local or national wildlife by scanning architectural symbols, monuments or statues and display the 3D animal on your phone with a quiz and how to prevent wildlife crimes with day to day action points.

Illegal wildlife trade is rife in Eastern Europe and we also added exotic checkpoints that, even though will not have a visual of the scanned creature, will showcase the rare species for the area you are in and it aims to increase awareness regarding the marketplace and the luxury products that are sold using animal products (such as furs, snake skin, horns) will always be placed in the heart of all the cities where all tourists buy souvenirs without thinking twice about trafficking, illegal breeding, and unethical products they are buying.

How I built it

Android App Web dashboard UX/UI interactive prototype

Challenges I ran into

ARCore had some issues stated by Google

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We build marketing materials, prototype, and functional app

What I learned

that Romania is a hub for trafficking endangered species

What's next for Wildo by Wolfpack Digital

Kick-off the project

Built With

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