At a young age, many kids struggle with staying on top of their work on a weekly basis. This translates into failing classes, retaking a grade, and an overall negative experience with school. In California alone, 3% of students drop out before even starting 9th grade. This number only gets higher, to around 25% of incoming freshmen dropping out before completing high school. In this way, one of the things that our education system fails to teach is time management, and this is a problem that infects the way we behave as adults. A solution to this disconnect is to teach elementary to middle school students how to organize their daily schedule based on their overarching weekly goals. It’s a delicate balance between holding their attention effectively and keeping them concentrated on their work, but it is certainly possible. A website that guides students into an understanding of a work-play balance through the power of organization can go a long way.

What it does

White Sky gamifies the process of creating a schedule and weekly goals. There are levels, XP, SkyCoins customizable avatars. a shop, and achievements. Users have to create their schedule for the day before being able to check up on their dinosaur avatar. This pushes them to prioritize their time and academics before being allowed to play with their dinosaur. The more that a student sticks to their schedule and completes their activities, the higher XP that they will receive. XP is mainly used to level up, but also gives more SkyCoins to the user. These in-game tokens allow them to buy items from the shop. Shop items can be added onto their dinosaur, so that it appears to be wearing a shirt or a pair of shoes. Finally, the achievements entice the user to keep coming back and using the website, which then builds that habit of daily planning. Overall, the program teaches young kids how to organize and effectively complete their work in a way that feels more like a game than a lecture.

How we built it

All the work was split up so that each teammate could focus on their respective strong suit and collaborate in the most effective way possible. The avatars and shop items were hand drawn on the Procreate app using an iPad and Apple Pencil. The wireframe was created using Figma, and the logo was done on Adobe Illustrator. All code was developed on a teammate’s local computer using VSC live share. After the final version was finished, the code was transferred onto a Github repository.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was the time crunch. With less than 39 hours to design and code an entire functioning website, there was a lot of work that needed to be done in such little time. The limited time played a huge role in the stress we faced throughout the competition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the amount of progress we were able to make on this project. It started completely from scratch, but after these two days we have built the basis of an amazing project that will be able to change the course of many lives.

What's next for White Sky

In the future, we want to expand the gamification aspect of the website. This entails having more shop items and animated movements for the dinosaurs (e.g. sleeping, idle, playing, and more). We also hope to create a multiplayer world using Unity that would allow people to interact with each other and see the dinosaurs that they’ve customized. Not only would this create a sense of community within the site, but it would also encourage friendly competition between users to get a certain item that they like.

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