The inspiration came from this common observation that parents get worried when they don't know the whereabouts of their child; asking question like Why is our child late?, Where he is, When he is going to get home? . The child on the other hand don't know the whereabouts of the bus. They don't know when the bus is coming? Whether it’s coming or not? Is it late?

There are always at least 24 active GPS satellites circling Earth, although today there are more than 30, including a couple of spares. Their orbits are spread out so that no matter where on Earth we are, we will have at least six of them in our line of sight. By keeping these things in mind. We came up with a simple solution that provides a parents’ peace of mind and a business model. We made a prototype based on the assumption that we would need a proper hardware device to get the accurate results and other location based services in the future. Currently, to demonstrate our idea; a smartphone app simply fits in the box.

“Where’s the School Bus” services and operations are based on state of the art GPS/GSM/GPRS/WI-FI technology. And can provide its services to a vaster group of people rather than of relating to a school bus. We provide cost efficient solutions to our nation’s people, to better ensure safety in our volatile environment.

The story behind the code is that our clients (Parents) just simply sends a simple keyword through text message to our system. And the system would detect the special keyword and the precise location of the vehicle is determined and the client would receive the current location of the bus (Including the latitude and longitude) through mobile communication via SMS sent directly from our system. Thus, excluding the necessity of a smart phone or a Wi-Fi connection to the client’s end.

The later implementation plan includes a hardware GPS device to be mounted on vehicles and a smart software system to monitor the user requests. This app can target • School Transportation System • Civic Transportation Services (Daewoo, Faisal Movers etc.) • Fleet Vehicles • Companies • Normal Users (To find their lost phone without Wi-Fi) And many more…

To know more about Where's The School Bus? Click on the the link below: Where's The School Bus?

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