While researching, our team was baffled by the stat that 70% of Los Angeles residents do not see their water bill. This leads to a lack of regard for water issues, unsustainable water use & a lack of incentives to conserve water. We wanted to target this issue and create a campaign that would create awareness of water usage among homeowners, LADWP autopayers, and renters alike (whether they are seeing their bill or not). We looked at the success of sexually fueled ads from companies such as Carl’s Jr. and raised a question: How can we make water conservation sexy? From there, we came up with our marketing campaign “What’s Your Number?” which uses sexual innuendos to call attention to a new website that we created called whatsyournumber.org. Once users visit whatsyournumber.org, users will be able to view infographics on their current consumption in comparison with their zip code and past water usage, as well as create their own initiatives to reduce their water consumption and contribute to a 20% reduction for the greater LA area. The goal of our campaign and website is to create water usage awareness of water consumption in terms that are easy to understand for the average Angeleno, as well as to make water conservation an easy and fun activity by incorporating easily shareable and engaging activities. This way, we can hack the drought together, as a larger social network and community. Our platform also includes features that ensure that people are returning to the website so data is captured monthly and users can continually track their water habits.

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