Our inspiration is to transform the experience of using public transport. With our system you can see every bus location on real time and make accurate plan routes. Also, when you enter the bus you will be able to use free WiFi so you can surf in the web. After you hop-off the bus, you can rate the quality of the bus and driver service. Further on, we collect all the data about mobility, so we can plan better bus routes and services with BigData mining and processing into a smart mobility system that works with the demand.

What it does

Hardware that gives wifi and gps location on real time App that shows buses locations Cloud platform that collects data and manages into

How I built it

In-house hardware design using a micro RADXA, a cisco access point, a gps adafruit, an arduino for ignition. The apps are made in android and IOS, already finished but not published. The cloud platform conencts with json to the apps, and receive the data logs from hardware.

Challenges I ran into

Building automotive grade hardware is one of the most complex and diffcult task that can be done. Input protections for the hardware to run at 12V while the bus delivers a dirty range from 9V-16V was on of the many challenges. The GPS looses gain while being mounted inside the bus. The casing for the hardware has to be plastic so it can work wirelessly, and with no fans cooling systems. The ignition command helps protect the hardware of being on while it shouldn't be, but it was very hard to test timing and plans for turning on and off. The data received by carrier TELCEL also gives problems.. Plus all the platform that has to receive the logs and process them on SQLserver so it produces analytics about mobility and users. Security concerns was also another one..

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a great team of +10 amazing engineers that are highly qualified for the job, and have worked on this topics for a long time. We partnered up with 4 tech companies that give service to us in specific jobs. Also, we're backed by intel into the R&D of another product with Intel architechture. We have already made a micro deployment of 22 buses as a prototype, and it's working!!!!!! =D Built a business model that makes this feasible, and a very profitable company to invest in.

What I learned

All the founders (non-engineers) had to learn deep technical stuff about our systems, electronics and hardware design, web development, apps development, UX, wireless hardware design, plus many more topics.

What's next for WeOn

Well the tech works, we have an amazing team, and the business model its validated. so it's now time to gain the trust of investors, raise 500,000 USD to plan a large deployment over the 3 most important cities in Mexico.

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