wells is a brainchild of a group of friends from Imperial College London and UCL. Being passionate about innovations in health tech and quantified self, we were surprised by how little our increasingly health-conscious society knows about one of the key parts of lifestyle - water intake.

Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining our health and overall well-being. However, many people either do not realize the importance of water intake or simply do not know how much they should drink. Dehydration can contribute to an array of medical complications. Drinking enough water helps a balanced body and mind, making hydration equally important for athletes, scholars and patients alike.

What it does

wells consists of two components: the smart bottle cap fitting every standard PET bottle and a smartphone app. Using the wells app, user is provided with a recommended water intake for the day based on their personal metrics and current activity levels. The autonomous cap measures the amount of water that flows out through its seal and data is collected and displayed via the app. The user can see their progress and receive push notifications reminding them to follow the recommended intake.

How we built it

The measurement is compromised by a specifically developed cap to suit every PET plastic bottle. In its inner canal an adapted mechanical turbine is located to provide data about speed of flow of liquid. The signal is being processed by a special System on a Chip that is able to track the speed of rotation of the turbine and thus the liquid and provide the output data via Bluetooth to a smartphone with a wells application. The whole system is powered by a battery that is wirelessly charged via Qi standards, that enables to store data in case of application and the cap being disconnected. The measurement is thus reliable, energy efficient and comfortable for the user.

The wells website is available here and supporting code for the app can be found in the links below.

What's next for wells

Our mission with wells is to improve your hydration via a simple, smart experience. We definitely want to pursue the project beyond the hackathon!

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