Seeing our fellow peers struggling to find resources on campus gave us the motivation to pursue an information-based mobile app that gathers all the information and conveys in a user-friendly way. As students who attend a university with many first-generation students, we understand the struggles and difficulties of navigating college and want to be able to provide a solution to help these students transition and adjust to university life.

What it does

WellBeing is meant to provide information about resources on campus for physical and mental health. In addition, our application also takes into account students and their needs as well. Through their MyUCSB, students can start conversations with faculty and staff more easily by showing their strengths as well as their needs and background (ex: EOP, DSP, Honors and Regents, Club Officer, Student Government, etc.)

How I built it

We primarily used AndroidStudio, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD. In AndroidStudio, we coded the Android application in Java. We coded a left drop-down menu with resources for nutritional health, fitness, and mental health. We also utilized Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD as a way to showcase a possible prototype and future interface for the application. Through Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD, we want to highlight the possibilities of this application and how we can draw from different databases and sources on campus.

Challenges I ran into

AndroidStudio was a difficult language for all of us to use, especially because none of us were familiar with it to begin it. Another challenge was gathering all the information for the application. There are many resources on campus but much of it is scattered and it took time to compile all the data and information to place within the application.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD also proved to be difficult in a different way. Figuring out the optimal user experience proved to be challenging, especially when dealing with many sources of information that needed to be displayed and often duplicated repeatedly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of completing the prototype on Adobe XD and being able to provide a user experience. All of the information we gathered is also replicable and can be used immediately. Being able to figure out how to code in AndroidStudio and work around bugs and errors was also an accomplishment we are proud of.

What I learned

  • Hackathons are hard and tiring.
  • Time management is important.
  • You learn a lot during hackathons.
  • We learned how to use AndroidStudio, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD.

What's next for WellBeing

We plan to propose this project to Orientation Services to showcase to first-year students before their fall quarter at the university. In addition, working with organizations, such as the Food Bank, EOP, and Office of Financial Aid, may be possible in the future.

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