As double majors in college, we understood and felt the stress that students go through when trying to decide how to allocate their time efficiently. Often times, it feels like there just isn't enough time to be able to do all your work. We wanted to create a platform that specifically helps college students manage their course load through scheduling which improves time management. 87% of students say that better time management and organization skills would help them get better grades and there are additional important benefits such as reducing stress. In fact, college students see ineffective time management as one of their biggest barriers to efficacy and success and specifically 26% of college students stated that neglecting to create a schedule of their time was one of their biggest barriers to efficacy and success. Therefore, we wanted to make it easier for college students to create their weekly schedules by creating a platform that can create students' schedules for them.

What it does

Our app takes in your current schedule (classes, assignments, free time), and allocates your assignments to the free slots in order to come up with an efficient way for you to complete your work by the deadlines.

How we built it

Our platform uses backend machine learning to determine the most optimal order and plan for you to do your work by their deadlines. We use decision trees to determine on what day of the week a certain assignment should be completed. By factoring in the amount of time needed to complete the project, the number of days left to complete the project, and potentially including some historical data on the rigor of certain classes, we came up with boundaries that classify the data into different days of the week. Our MVP uses a Python script to analyze the rigor of an assignment in comparison to the amount of time left to complete it in order to compute a "score" for this assignment. This score is then compared to the scores of other assignments in order to determine an efficient prioritization of work.

Challenges we ran into

We had to run through some iterations of our algorithm in order to find one that worked the best. We are also still in the process of seamlessly integrating our backend with our frontend, but hope to be done soon!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have the opportunity to help other students like us reduce the stress in their already over-booked lives. We hope that our platform can be used by students to allow them to remove one of the big pain points in their lives and let them focus on the actual work and learning rather than just trying to figure out what to do.

What we learned

We were surprised to learn about the impact that scheduling has on the lives of college students when we dived deeper into the statistics and we realized that it’s a lot more exciting to build a product that solves a problem we’re passionate about compared to building something that is simply technically challenging. We learned from each other since Niki is more experienced in the frontend and Aadhrik is more experienced in the backend; however, we both worked on both parts in order to have the most diverse ideas possible. The mentors were also amazing in teaching us about software development, product management, and leadership in general!

What's next for Weekly

We hope to add teachers onto the app and students enrolled in the class can directly see what assignments they have coming up and when it’s due. Teachers understand how long the assignments should take and therefore helps the students plan ahead. Teachers can also receive feedback on how long it actually is taking students to complete certain assignments and adjust the future difficulty level accordingly.

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